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What's Happening in Cemeteries of Texas 2007

Gloria B. Mayfield, Project Manager

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TEXAS LAWS on Burials

Also would like to mention this link for Funeral Homes   http://www.funeralnet.com/

This is the Eighth Year that I have worked on Cemeteries of TX,  Hope you have enjoy it.\

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Dec 2007

Armstrong Co:   Washburn Cemetery

Brazoria Co:  Phair Cemetery

Brown Co:  Rock Church photos

Cameron   El Pie Cemetery

Carson Co.  corrections and revised

Cooke Co. Fairview Cemetery

Comanche Co.  Caffey, DeLeon City Cem+Photos, added photos to Evergreen, Mercer's Gap Cemetery, Oakwood,Sloam Cemetery

Denton Co.  Tyson Cemetery, IOOf adds, Bates Cemetery moved to Oak Grove..

Eastland Co"   three Lutheran Cemeteries

Ector Co:  obits and photo to Sunset

Foard Co.   Crowell

Grayson Co.  Allison Cemetery

Grimes Co.  Harris Cem

Hall Co:   reworked and corrected

Harrison Co.  Longridge Cemetery

Hidalgo Co:   Hillcrest

Hopkins Co.  Obit

Houston Co.   Dunnam-Harmon Cemetery

Mason Co:   Wagram Cemetery + photos

Panola Co.   photo to IOOF  Sugar Hill Adds 

Presidio Co:   Concordia Cemetery  Partial

Runnels   Evergreen cemetery

Tyler Co. Franks Branch


Nov 2007

Aransas Co: Rockport Cem , Fulton

Bastrop Co:  Elgin  Latin Cemetery

Bowie Co:   Arkadelphia cemetery + Obits,  Red Water and many obits, Shady Grove (B)

Bandera County refreshed all cemeteries

Callahan Co   Ross Cemetery add photo,

Camp  Co:

Collin Co.  Warden, Coffman, adds to Shiloh Cemetery

Denton Co.   Oakwood

Falls Co:  Waite Cemetery Photos, Calvary+ photosf

Foard County:   Thalia Cemetery update and photo

Freestone Co:   Driver and Dew  Antioch #1   correction,  Plus New Hope Cemetery

Gaines Co:   Seminole and Gaines Co. Memorial,  ALL Cemeteries online

Garza Co;   Resthaven

Grimes Co:   Red Top Cemetery,  Old Salem Lutheran Cemetery, ALL Cemeteries online

Hall Co:   Estelline (corrections +  info)

Hamillton Co;  Barbee Cemetery

Hansford Co:  updated and corrected, Hansford Cemetery

Haskell Co:  O'Brien  Cemetery

Hockley Co.  Wolfforth. Smyer

Hopkins Co: Mahoney + Obit

Hunt Co:    Hopewell directions,

Lea Co New Mexico    ALL cemeteries

Limestone Co:   King

Lubbock Co:  updates

Lynn Co.   Tahoka Cemetery

Mitchell Co;  Colorado City updates

Panola Co:   Antioch adds, correct on Woods

Parker Co;   fix links

Refugio Co Mt Calvary  photos

Robertson Co:   White Rock Cemetery +photos

San Augustine:  St Johns + photos

Terry Co: Terry Co. Memorial

Tyler Co:   Franks Branch Cemetery

Uvalde Co.  refreshed  cemeteries

Victoria Co:  Farrar

Wilson Co.  Stockdale Cemetery  corrections, Green Memorial Cemetery,

Wood Co. Yantis   correction, Probate records, Hepisbah Cemetery


Baylor Co:   Old Seymour Cemetery, Woodmen Cemetery

Collins Co. Orenduff  Cemetery       Obits, Stoney Point Cemetery, Altoga update, Bear Creek Cemetery

Comanche Co: Oliver Springs, Comyn Cem

Dayton  Magnolia Park  Map-History

Denton Co"  update to Oak Grove sec 3m update to Wilson Cem

Donley Co:    Rowe photos

Falls Co.   new information and updates.

Franklin Co:  Connally Cemetery, Arabala Cemetery, Franklin Cem + Photos

Garza Co:   update on Resthaven Cem

Grimes Co:   Mustang Cemetery, Enon, Martins Prairies, Salem Lutheran, Steele Grove, Sand Prairie,  Dunham-Wood,Gresham-Ashford-Stone,  Old Bethel Cemetery

Hidalgo Co:   Immaculate Conception  (2007)

Hockley Co.   Sundown,  Smyra, and Ropesville Cem updates, Sundown Cem

Hopkins Co:  Greenview Cem Jennings adds, Shooks Cem Obit

Hunt Co: Hopewell w/photos

Jack Co:  Barton Chapel correction, photo-Hicks Cem

Kendall Co:  Add on Smith Cemetery

Knox Co: 

Lubbock Co:    updates Colo City

Lubbock Co:  Resthaven -Garden of the Chapel Mausoleum & "OM" Outdoor Mausoleum Building

Mason Co:   Gooch  add information, New info Pontotoc,

McCulloch Co.   Fix Resthaven, Live Oak, Cox Cemetery

Mitchell Co:   Dorn, Colo City Cem. Lorraine. Mitchell Co., Westbrook

Parker Co:   Dean Cem , Greenwood City Cem.

Runnels Co.  Fairview -Obits + Photo

Scurry Co:  Lone Wolf

Wilson Co:  Stockdale Cem History

Wood Co:   Ebenezer adds, Bigham Cem partial,


Brewster Co:  Terlingua,

Cass Co:  Law's Chapel  additions

Collin Co:  Pecan Grove Sec 35 with photos, Stoney Point + Photos,

Dawson _ Lynn Co.    O'Donnell

Denton Co:  Medlin  addition

Eastland Cem   photos for Carbon Restland Cemetery and the Scranton Cemetery. Pioneer Cemetery# 2

Erath Co:  Westend Cem., link to Cow Creek Cemetery

Denton Co   Swisher

Floyd Co.  Floyada Memorial Cem additions + photos

Floyd Co.  Additions and photos to Floyd Memorial Cemetery

Frio Co:   Buckhorn + Photos

Guadalupe Co:   updated2007 Concrete Cemetery

Grayson Co:    West end Cemetery  photos

Grimes Co   Erwin cemetery, Pleasant Hill

Hill Co Live Oak, Files Cemetery w/photos

Hockley Co:   Levelland Memorial updates

Hopkins Co. Old Salitillo, Breashur Cemetery-Gibson photo

Kimbell Co.  Pioneer

Limestone Co:    These are partials with photos.   Old Union Partial , Old Tidwell , Prairie Grove, Unnamed Thornton Cemetery, Point Enterprise, Kosse, King, Faulkenberry, Eutaw, Thornton,

Lynn Co: Nevels

Lubbock Co.    Known Deaths unknown cemetery   6-2007, Peaceful Gardens, Rest Haven updates

Mason Co:   Gambel plus photos

McLellan Co:   Lorena,

Mitchell Co.  updates to West brooks, Colorado City updated

Orange Cemetery  St Mary's

Panola Co.  Woolwine-Taylor Cemetery

Rusk Co;  Millville add add ons,

Terry Co.  Meadow Cem update

Titus Co:  Bridges Chapel

Rusk Co:   additions to Crow

Scurry Co:   updates to Lone Wolf

Wharton Co.  address for library

Wilson Co.  Partial on Shiloh, update and photo on Polley Cemetery


Angelina Co: Bodan

Bell Co. : Corrections to Simmons Cem

Cass Co:  Queen City, Smyrna, Hill of Rest

Coleman Co:   additions to Lone Star

Collin Co. Wylie Cemetery:   updated

Denton Co. Old Alton Cem

Eastland Co:     Redeemer Lutheran Cemetery--Lutheran Cemetery (Massmann):-- Romney Lutheran Cemetery 

Ellis Co.   Myrtle Cemetery  

Fannin Co:   Gum Springs Cemetery Association

Garza Co:  Updates  Resthaven Cemetery

 Hale Co.  Updates on Abernathy I O O F, Strip

Hall Co:  North Fairview, South Fairview Cemeteries

Harris Co:   Hill of Rest Cemetery

Hill Co:   additional to Strip, Brandon

Hockney Co:  Smyra Cemetery updates, Witharrel Cemetery correction, updates to Anton, Levelland City

Hunt Co:  Donelson Cemetery photos

Jackson Co.:   Enon and Milby Cemeteies

Jones Co:  Midway Cem

Lynn Co. :  Tahoka Cem correct from Davis to Davies, updates to Draw Cem and Grassland Cemetery (June 30 2007)

Liberty Co.   Magnolia Park Cemetery

Livingston CO;   Shiloh Cemeter

Lubbock Co:  Becton Cemetery, City of Lubbock Updates, Updates to Idalou  (June 30 2007)

Mason Co:   Eaton + photos

McCullough Co:   Cox Cemetery

Mitchell Co"  Up date of cemeteries,   Colorado City, Loraine, Westbrook

Newton Co:   Burkeville Cemetery 1850,  Burkeville 1950,  Cedar Grove Cemetery,  Spears Chapel Cemetery, Tanner Cemetery, Woods Cemetery Plus photos for all

Orange Co:  Winfree#2  Photos added

Panola Co:   Williamson Cemetery,  add to Deberry

Polk Co.   Flounders, Forest Hill Cemeteries plus photos,  revised Polk co page.

Robertson Co:    Heards Prairie (Petteway)

Rockwall CO   Rockwall Memorial

Terry Co: Brownfield Cemetery new photo,



Comanche Co:   corrections on links

Dawson Co:   O'Donnell

Denton Co.   Additions to Wilson Cem

Ellis Co:    Myrtle Cemetery volunteer for lookups

Erath Co.  correction on links

Grayson Co:   Cannon trans+ photos

Hale. Co: Strip Cemetery   additions

Hardeman:   Goodlett Cem and refresh site

Harris Co.  George E. Wolfe Homepage,  Olivewood B  new & fantastic link

Hidalgo Co: add to Toluna Cemetery

Hill Co:   correct spelling

Hunt Co:  Corrections to Forest Park C and add to Lakeside Memorial, Wesley Chapel Info

Lubbock Co:   Peaceful Gardens

Mitchell Co:  Colo City Cemetery  corrections, Iatan, Loraine, Mitchell, Dorn, Westbrook   Cemeteries updated

Montgomery Co:   volunteer for Mostyn Cemetery

Neuces Co.  cem coming

Newton Co.  McMahaon + photos, Dickerson + Photo

Panola Co:  Waldrop Cemetery web page

Panola - Rusk Caledonia Cem.

Robertson Co:    lookup volunteer for Heards Prairie-Petteway Cemetery

Scurry Lone Wolf update

Smith  Co. Hope Cemetery

Whartan Co:   Chesterville Cemetery


Bell Co:  Simmons Cemetery

Cherokee Co:  Ross-Rude Cemetery Correction

Fort Bend Co:  Woodman of the World

Grayson Co:   Cannon trans+ photos

Grimes Co. new cemetery coming

Hale Co:   Strip Cemetery,  IOOF (updates 2007)

Hockley   Updates on Levelland

Hunt Co. Forest Park Section B rows 5-12  Sec E

Lamb Co:  Fairlawn Cemetery updates, Anton Cemetery,

Lubbock Co:   Known Deaths updated to June 2006, updated Lubbock Cem, Ida Cem

Lynn Co;  updates, Nevels Cemetery

Motley _ Roaring Springs  and  Mount Zion

Terry Co.  updates Meadow

Robertson Co. Petteway Cemetery +Photos

San Saba   Rough Creek aka Smelser Cemetery


Cherokee Co:    Reese + Photos

Denton Co.  Wilson Cem adds & corrections

Ector Co:    Henderson Ranch Family  cemetery

Howard Co. Mount Olive + photos

Lubbock Co: City of Lubbock Cem + Photo

Hunt Co:    Paradise Stone

Mitchell Co:   Updates on Colorado City Cemetery

Palo Pinto Co.   Black Spring

Panola Co:   add to Langley

Tom Green Co: Fairmont

Yoakum Co. Plains Cemetery


I spent 6 days in the hospital and about 6 that I didn't feel like even turning on the computer.  All is well now.

Collin Co:   Sec 6 and Sec 17 Pecan Grove Cemetery, Nevada Cem + photos and

Cooke Co:  Mt. Zion Photos

Dallas Co. Farmers Branch Photos, Panola Co: Panola Bapt Church, Jeff Davis Co:

Eastland Co:   Evergreen cemetery obit

Fisher Co: Rotan Cem

Hale Abernathy photo

Hidalgo Co:   Chihuahua Cemetery -= photos and Map, Guadulupe Cem, Shary Cemetery

Howard Co. Mt. Olive

Hunt Co:  Josephine + Photos

Midland Co: Fairview

Martin Co.: Abernathy

Mitchell Co:  Updates to Mitchell Co. cemeteries

Rusk Co. Overton + Houser names

Scurry Co. Hillside