What's Happening in West Texas

Gloria B. Mayfield, Project Manager

2003    2004   2005

Also added a link to help you with the CSA document


Callahan Co.  Ross and Atwell + Photos

Clay Co. 

links updated Bellevue Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Bellevue_Cemetery.html
Bluegrove Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Bluegrove_Cemetery.html
Buffalo Springs Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Buffalo_Springs_Cemetery.html
Deer Creek Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Deer_Creek_Cemetery.html
Friendship Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Friendship_Cemetery.html
Halsell Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Halsell_Cemetery.html
Joy Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Joy_Cemetery.html
Liberty Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Liberty_Cemetery.html
Newport Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Newport_Clay_Cemetery.html
Pleasant Mound Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Pleasant_Md_Cemetery.html
Prospect Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Prospect_Cemetery.html
Shannon Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Shannon_Cemetery.html
New Vashti Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Vashti_New_Cemetery.html
Vashti Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Vashti_Cemetery.html

Coke Co/ Cedar Hill

Blanco Co:  Walnut Creek and Post Oak with photos

Dallas Co Obit on Salem Cemetery

Ector Co:  Sunset obits updated, Rosehill obits updated

Hall Co: corr on date

Hockley Co correction to Smyer Cem

Jones Co. Stith Cemetery corrections

Lynn Co.  Grassland Corrections

Mitchell Co.  updates on Colorado City

Montague Co:  linked updated

Nolan Co;  updates to Roscoe Cemetery

Wichita Co. Tx  link updated  Hillcrest Cemetery - Wichita Falls - http://ntxga.com/Hillcrest.html
Lakeview Cemetery - Wichita Falls - http://ntxga.com/Lakeview_Cemetery.html
Clara Cemetery - http://ntxga.com/Clara_Cemetery.html



Callahan Co"  Caddo Peak Cemetery

Carson  Co: corr to Panhandle Cem.

Ector Co:  Sunset Cemetery   (many obits)(Oct update)

Hardeman Co:  Oswalt Cemetery

Hockley Co:  updates to Levelland Cemetery

Mitchell Co:   Updates or corrections to Dorm, Loraine, Westbrook, Colorado City (Sep)

Runnels Co:  Fairview

Scurry Co:   Updates on Dunn, Lone Wolf,

Taylor    Potosi additions, Hendrick Children Home,  Hardin Simmons University graves, Seaton partial+photos,


Borden Co:   Fairview Cemetery

Comanche Co.  Oakwood

Erath Co: New Dublin 

Hale Co: Plainview Memorial

Lamb Co:  addy change for volunteer 

Lubbock Co:  Estracado Cemetery links

Lynn Co: Draw Cemetery+Memorial photo

Mills Co:   Democrat +photos

Mitchell Co:   Colorado City updates

Motley Co.  East Mound Partial+photos

Parmer Co:  Sunset partial w/photos

Scurry Co:  Dunn Cem Map

Stonewall CO;  Old Glory Cem updates8-2004,

Uvalde Co. updates and improvements 

Wichita Co.   New Electra, Memorial  partials


Brewster Co:  Elm Grove  Partial

Brown County:  Macedonia-Weedon Updates

Castro Co:   Castro Memorial Gardens

Collinsworth Co:  Wellington HS Graduation and Photos of Jackson Family

Hale Co:  Parklawn Memorial Cemetery, Plainview Memorial

Hansford Co:  Hanford Co. Cemetery update Jul 2004

Mitchell Co:   Colorado City Cemetery  Updates

Parmer Co. more photos on Lazbuddie Cem

Reagan Co.  Glen Rest Cemetery

Runnels Co:   Northview Cemetery partial+photos,

Scurry Co:   Adding photos and re formatting cemeteries.

Schleicher Co:   Ledgers  of the G. Baker Gen Store

Taylor Co:   Shep Photos, Drummon photo,


Medina Co:   Tomerlin Cemetery + Photos

McCulloch Co.:   Fite Cemetery, Blackjack, Calf Creek, Camp San Saba, Cowboy, Cox, East Sweden, Episcopal, Beasley Family, BERT BROAD RANCH BURIAL, Brown Family, CORNILS RANCH BURIAL, Cornils Ranch Burial, Cowboy's Grave, Ewing Ranch Cemetery, Gentry Family, Isaac's Ranch, Kerbow Ranch Burial, LEDBETTER FAMILY CEMETERY, Grave at Lincoln Lohn Ranch,Lohn Family Cemetery,  McCarty Family Cemetery, Prisoner of War Camp, SOLDIERS' WATERHOLE BURIALS, Richter Family ,Ruffin Ranch burial, CAMP SAN SABA OAK TREE BURIALS, Wau-Ban-See,SALT GAP BURIAL, Session Family Burial, Episcopal Church Columbarium ,RANNE FAMILY BURIAL, Old Spiller, Lohn Annex Cemetery, Melvin, East and West.,Small Cemetery in Melvin, Placid Cemetery,West Sweden, Voca Cemetery, Rachelle Cemetery, Resthaven Cemetery, Live Oak,  This is all the cemeteries in McCulloch Co.  Yeah!!!!

Mitchell Co.  Updates  Colorado City Cemetery new format



Bandera Co.   Lost cemetery found   Trejo,  transcription coming

Clay Co. Historical Markers

Coke Co.  Historical Markers

Coleman Co: Historical Markers

Collinsworth Co:  Historical Markers

Comanche Co. Historical Markers

Concho Co: Historical Markers

Cosby Co:   Historical Markers

Ector Co.  Rose Hill Jan - Mar Obits, Sunset Cemetery Obits

Fisher Co.  Sylvester Cem + photos

Garza Co:  Photo

Hall Co:   update Union Hill and IOOF (Lakeview) map

Hansford Co:  update  Hansford County Cemetery

Hood Co:    additions to List

Jones Co:  additions to Stith

Lubbock Co: Resthaven add photos

Mitchell Co:  Colorado City updates, Mitchell, Dorn, Spade,Loraine, Westbrook Cemeteries updated  May 2004


Bailey Co.  changed Jerry Hicks email

Burnet Co. Co. Historical Markers

Callahan Co. Historical Markers

Ector Co:  Obits Sunset Cemetery

Jones Co.  Stith Cem+Photos, Truby Photos, Midway + Photos, Compere +photos, Shiloh + photos

Lubbock:   Restlawn, City of Lubbock Cem, Woodrow, Known Deaths, Idalou Cem, BectonCemetery, Englewood 2003  updates

Lynn Co:  2003 updates  O'Donnell Cemetery, Wilson,Tx.Green Memorial Cemetery, Tahoka City Cemetery,Nevels Cemetery,

Mitchell  Co:   Dorn, Loraine, Mitchell Co. , Wallace Ranch, Westbrook  (updates Feb 2004) Colorado City Cem Updated 

Taylor Co: Capps Cem + Photos, Drummond Cemetery + Photos,  Tye Cemetery + Photos, Trent + Photos

Ward Co.  HM

Sebb Co. HM

Terry Co.  Terry Co. Memorial  updates, Meadows 2003 updates, Brownfield Cem 2003 updates

Wheeler Co.  HM

Witchita Co:  HM

Wilbarger Co.  HM

Young Co.  HM

Yoakum Co.  HM

Zapata   HM

Zabala  HM

Feb 2004

Briscoe Co.:   New GenWeb CC

Bandera Co. Correction

Callahan Co. Cross Plains addition,

Carson Co:  Historical Markers

Crosby Co.  New lookup info

Ector Co:   Obits Sunset Memorial

Hale - Halfway Cem + Photo

Hall Co:  Hulver Cemetery

Hill Co"   Address change for Eddie Cope

Hansford CO: Hansford Cemetery up 2004

Houston Co:  Campbell Cem, McKelvey Cem

Kent Co:  Riverdale, Polar Cemeteries

Lubbock Co.  County revised

Martin Co:  Evergreen

Mitchell Co. Colorado City updte

Pecos email change

Presiido Co:   Old Shafter

Ward Co:  email change

January 2004

Callahan Co.  Cross Plains

Comanche Co.   Luker

Ector Co:    Sunset Cemetery+

Haskell Co.    Weinert Cemetery (correction), Willow Cem photos

Medina Co.: add Oak Rest

Martin Co:   Evergreen + photos

Mason Co. Ellison Cem+photos, email corrections,

Mitchell Co.   Mitchell Co.Cem updates, Loriane Cem updates, Colorado City updates

Nolan Co:   Sweetwater + photos

Real Co: Cypress Creek Cem

Taylor Co:  Potosi+photos

Wartd Co. : Tamarisk Cemetery + photo