What's Happening in West Texas

Gloria B. Mayfield, Project Manager


June 01, 2003, I became the Cemeteries of TX Manager.  I have many emails from the West Texas Side and will get to them ASAP.  Don't hesitate to write.   Gloria  PS Jul 22, 2003 completed West Texas revamp and will start entering information, thanks for your patience.  gbm

Oct-Nov -Dec     2003

Bandera Co.: Oak Rest Cem + photos

Callahan Co.   Atwell Cem  +photos, Ross Cem   +photos,  Evergreen + photos, Hazeldell + photos

Coke Co:   Cedar Hill + photos

Coleman Co.  Coleman City Cem +photos

Comanche Co   Evergreen + photos, Hazeldell + photos

Eastland Co:  Pioneer

Dawson Co:  additions to O'Donnell

Dickens Co. Spur + Photos

Carson Co:   Panhandle Cem  (correction)

Clay Co:  Bozette Cem + photos

Comanche Co"  Union + photo, Hazeldale+photos, Evergreen + photos.

Howard Co.  Mt Olive + Photos, Coahoma 

Haskell Co.   Stamford Cemetery = photos

Lubbock Co.  queries

Lynn Co:  Grassland(corrections)

Gillespie Co.    Greenwood +photo, Stonewall + photo,

Mason Co.  Loyal Valley+photos,  Gooch Cemetery=photos

Mitchell" updates on Colo City Cem(Dec)

Motley Co: Old White Flat Cemetery, Northfield, White Flat Cem, Matador Cem, Meyer Inf, Teepee Cemetery,

Palo Pinto:  Salesville Cem.

Presidio Co:    Old Shafter Cemetery

Swisher Co:   Tulia Cemetery + photos

Sept 2003

Bailey Co. Bailey( corrections)

Eastland Co. Colony+photos

Fisher Co.   Belvieu Cem aka Rotan  Partial

Hale Co:   Strip (additions)

Hall Co:  Lakeview, Union Hill, IOOF

Hardeman Co: 

Jones Co:   Midway Cem

Kent Co.  Jayton Cemetery

Mitchell Co.  ( updates) Spade,Loraine, Mitchell Co., Westbrook, Zion Rest, Dorn, Handley cemeteries

Runnels Co.   Lakeview Cem+photos, Fairview Cem Partial +photos, Count + photos

Scurry Co. Hermleigh Cemetery, Hermleigh Catholic Church Cemetery

Stonewall Co: Brazos Valley Cemetery + photos

Taylor Co:   Shep Cem,  Tye Cemetery


Blanco Co. : Walnut Creek +Photo

Childress Co. : Childress Cem (updates)

Coleman  Co.  Add Coleman Cemetery

Commanche Union + Photos

Crosby Co:  updated list

Dawson Co.   Fairview 

Eastland: List, Truby Cem

Gray Memory Gardon Partial + Photos, Fairview add + Photos

Gillespie Co.  Willow City + photos

Hardeman:   Big Valley

Jack Co. Gibtown, Graves Cem, Kilby, Patton, Sanders, Silver Hill Cem, Sparks Springs Cem, Truce Cemetery, Vanhooser, Verner, Wesley Chapel, Westbrook Cem, Winn Hill, Wizard Wells, Wood

Jones Co:   Compere Cemetery

Kent Co.  Jayton, Sam Adam photo

Kerr Co.  Brown Cem, Japonica Cem

Llano Co.  reformat some cemteries

Lubbock Co.   Englewood Cem+photos

Mason Co.  Ellison with photos coming

Mitchell Co:   Colo City Cem update, Michell Co Cemetery updated, Westbrook Cemetery updated

Stonewall Co.  Aspermont Cem photos

Taylor Co:  Capps Cemetery, Cedar Hill-obit, IOOF Obit

Tom Green:   Mullins

Ward Co.Monahans Memoria lphotos 

Wheeler: Mt Zion+ Photos

Yoakum Co.:  Denver City Cemetery 1300+ photos


Callahan Co. Cross Plains Partial Listing, Atwell + photos

Comanche Co. Hazeldell + photos

Eastland Co.-- Colony Cemetery

Fisher Co.   Photos

Jones Co.  Stith, Shiloh Cemetery, Direction to Locations,

Kerr Co.  Brown Cem +photo. Japonica Cemetery

Nolan Co.   Photos

Palo Pinto Co  Palo Pinto Cemetery + Photo

Pecos Co.  Update East Hill Cem. 

Mitchell Cem updates Colorado City Cem. 

Parmer Co.  all cemeteries lookup + book for sale

Runnels Co. Lakeview + photos,

San Saba Co.  addy change,

Scurry Co.  Lone Wolf Cem Photos



Erath Co. Bishop Cemetery