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Linking photos for Cemeteries of Texas

Gloria B. Mayfield, Project Manager

Prepared for Cemeteries of Texas by Elaine Nall Baye

For those of you that have many photos in a cemetery, try doing this:

To assist the webmaster with putting cemetery information online, please:
1.  Type cemetery transcription (information) in Word.
2.  Save as "rich text" file in a folder
3.  Resize photos to 72 pixels per inch, with maximum size of 5"x7". (Anything over 72 pixels/inch is a waste of loading time and webspace.)
4.  Give each photo a distinguishing name, i.e. doejohn.jpg
5.  Save the photos in the same folder as the cemetery text file.
6.  Highlight each individual name listed.
7.  Click on the "insert hyperlink" took on the toolbar OR click on "Insert" in the top menu bar and then click on "Hyperlink"
8.  Browse for the corresponding photo
9.  Click on the corresponding photo
10.  Click "OK"
11.  When all names are linked to a photo, email the photos and text file to webmaster.